What CampBundl Is All About

What is CampBundl?

Campbundl is a ridiculously easy way for your parents to get their campers’ supplies for Summer Camp.

How it works:

Create a list:
We work with you to find the common items every camper needs for a safe, fun week at camp.

Online Store:
We make your supply bundle available on a custom CampBundl website.

Email Parents:
You send a link to your CampBundl website along with your usual supply list.

Order and Ship:
Parents order and we ship right to their doorstep a week before camp begins.

CampBundl is a Fundraiser

CampBundl is free for camps to participate in and 5% of everything purchased goes back to your camp to help fund camp improvements. For parents, CampBundl prices range from $20-45 depending on the items needed for your camp.

Why should my Camp join CampBundl?

  • Make sure your campers have everything they need for a distraction free, fun focussed week
  • Offer parents peace of mind knowing that their camper is completely prepared.
  • Provide an opportunity for your parents to order all of the necessary camp supplies from the convenience of their homes.